Meet Our Compassionate Team – Dallas, TX

Experienced Team Members That Care

Every parent or child that walks through our doors is in the middle of a very stressful and often frightening situation. Luckily, you’ll have a team full of caring individuals to help you from the very moment you arrive. We’ll do everything we can to help you stay calm and comfortable during your experience at our office. Whether it’s filling out the necessary paperwork or filing the necessary insurance claims, our team will be here to answer your questions and get you what you need as quickly as possible.

Leann, Office Manager

Leann has been working with Dr. Morgan for over a decade now, and her career in dentistry as a whole impressively spans 35+ years! She loves being able to help our patients accomplish their dreams and goals while also staying up to date with the latest advancements in dentistry and lip/tongue-tie treatment. Away from work, she spends plenty of quality time with her six children and six grandchildren. Her favorite hobbies include camping, hiking, gardening, and cooking.

Bri, Business Assistant

Bri studied at the WNY Dental Assisting School and is a Certified Dental Assistant. She has been a part of the oral healthcare field for well over 10 years, with most of that time spent right here with Dr. Morgan. She loves interacting with our patients each day. Helping them feel heard and confident as they work towards a healthier, happier self is so rewarding! At home, she has been blessed with the most wonderful husband and children imaginable. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking (especially with the kids helping), hosting Family Game Nights, going to church, traveling, reading, doing crafts, singing, and shopping.

Haylee, Dental Hygienist

Haylee studied at Tyler Junior College and has additional state-of-the-art training in orofacial myofunctional therapy. She can create individualized programs to help patients retrain the muscles in their face, mouth, and neck in order to maintain a healthy orofacial environment for life! What she enjoys most about her role with Dr. Morgan is the amazing people she works alongside each day, as well as the wonderful patients. At home, Haylee and her spouse Trey have two beautiful kids named Luke and Finlee. She spends her free time hanging out on their ranch in Bullard, riding horses, and tending to the cattle.