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Free Your Mouth to Function Correctly

A frenectomy – sometimes called a frenotomy or a frenulectomy – is the procedure for treating a lip and tongue-tie. Simply put, the unneeded tissue that is holding the tongue or lip in place is removed so that you can eat or speak freely. Dr. Morgan has years of experience performing this particular procedure, and he uses the latest technology and techniques, such as lasers and the Zaghi technique, to achieve the best results. Whether it’s you or your child that needs treatment, you can be sure that you’ll soon find relief from the challenges of an overly restricted lip or tongue. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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The Frenectomy Process

As you learn more about the tongue tie procedure you might hear people talk about scissor releases vs. laser releases and this can be very confusing. The good news is that using scissors or a laser for the release is not the most important part of the procedure, the technique is the most important part of the procedure. The scissor and the laser are only a tool to use in the procedure and the technique is the same no matter which tool is used. There are advantages and disadvantages to both tools and both tools can be used interchangeably in a release. The technique that Dr. Morgan highly recommends is the Functional Frenuloplasty technique rather than the quick 2-5 minute clip and go. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have.

Traditional Frenectomy

A traditional frenectomy is performed with surgical scissors. This is naturally a very effective way to get rid of unnecessary tissue, but the downside is that many patients find the treatment rather uncomfortable. It’s also difficult to control exactly how much tissue is removed during the process; we don’t want to get rid of more than what’s necessary. This is why we look to alternative ways to perform procedure, especially with younger children who have relatively small mouths and a tendency to move around during a stressful situation.

Laser Frenectomy

Instead of scissors or a scalpel, we can get rid of any oral tissue that isn’t needed using a laser. Because the energy of a laser is so highly concentrated, it’s easier to be as accurate as possible with the incisions it makes, making the treatment more comfortable and keeping the amount of tissue removed to a minimum. Laser frenectomies cause little to no pain, so your child most likely won’t need to be sedated for the treatment. As an additional benefit, the laser doesn’t produce any heat, sounds, or vibrations, making it ideal for anxious children or older patients with some form of dental phobia.

Advanced Technology for Precision Care

Providing the best possible treatment for lip and tongue tie means taking advantage of the latest technology. Naturally, that includes lasers, but that is not the only example that you will find in our office. Our iCat 3D scanner will give us a highly detailed look at all the various structures inside your mouth so that we have all the information we need to plan your frenectomy. The easier it is to see what is going on inside your mouth, the easier it will be to perform the treatment while removing a minimal amount of tissue.

Complimentary Revisions

Sometimes your child might still experience lip and tongue-tie symptoms after their treatment. If this happens, we can make a “revision” to correct the remaining problems. Dr. Morgan cares about the health and wellbeing of all of his patients, which is why he’s happy to provide any necessary revisions at no cost! Call us immediately for a follow-up if you think you might still be suffering from a restricted lip or tongue.